Tuesday, November 1, 2011

KTT: Bread Tips

Tammy at Tammy's Recipes posted today some tips on slicing bread, so I thought I would contribute my two cents. For more kitchen tips, head on over to her blog for Kitchen Tip Tuesday!

I make my own bread, but I don't make yeast bread. My everyday sandwich bread is a quick bread recipe from Bob's Red Mill. I love that it's so easy to make and takes so little time. I'm not good at follow-up, so yeast breads just aren't a good idea for me at this season in life.

One of the things I like about this bread recipe is that the product is dense. Sandwiches don't get soggy quite as quickly with this bread. When I slice it, it crumbles a bit, but it never just falls apart like so many yeast breads do. And I rarely have problems with tunneling in the loaf, making it perfect for sandwiches. I use a bread knife to cut it, and can cut it very thin, but my husband has even used a table knife on it successfully.

However, crumbs aren't entirely a problem. I keep a plastic bag in my freezer for bread crumbs. Whenever I slice bread, part of my clean up afterward is scraping the crumbs off the cutting board and putting them in the bag in the freezer for future use (stuffings, bread pudding, crumb toppings on tuna casserole and such, meatloaf, etc.)

Whatever kind of bread you make or buy, though, using a hot knife to cut through a cold loaf usually helps it cut more cleanly--just like our grandmothers did.

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