Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KTT: Uses for drying racks

No menu plan this week. I do have one written, but morning sickness attacked yesterday (I've never had "real" morning sickness before!), so posting it just isn't happening. Suffice it to say I'm feeling pretty efficient with all the food with which we have been blessed.

Onward to Kitchen Tip Tuesday at Tammy's Recipes.

This week's tip is a celebration! When we moved into our current place, we went from an apartment with a dishwasher to one without. I hand wash our dishes anyway, but I had always used the dishwasher as a drying rack. In our new place, I needed a dish rack. As a short-term solution, I bought one at Dollar Tree. It worked alright, but being lightweight, I had to be careful how I loaded and unloaded it. Otherwise, it would become unbalanced and tip over.

Source: Rubbermaid
(My old rack is very similar to this one, except the tabs for bowls go all the way around.)

Finally, a wooden, collapsible dish rack came up on Freecycle, and I snagged it. It's bigger than the old one and works beautifully. Now, what to do with the old one? Here are five ideas for what to do with a spare dish rack. I chose number 1:
  1. Use it to hold your spice bottles. The pocket for flatware is perfect for small bottles, and there's plenty of room in the main part both for bottles and refill bags. I keep the bottles I use most frequently in the part that faces the front of my cabinet, and I can see some of the labels through the side.
  2. Basket for bath toys. It floats, has a flat bottom, and doesn't collect water. You can leave those wet toys in it to drain in the bath tub after the bath is over.
  3. Basket for produce from the garden. Bring in those fruits and vegetables and put them in a dish rack in the sink to dry after being rinsed.
  4. A container for kid's craft supplies. A dish rack is perfect for holding all those oddly shaped containers. When the kid's are done playing, the rack can double as a place to dry brushes, papier mache, and other artwork.
  5. A place for a wet pair of boots. Put the dish rack near your entry way, on top of an old cookie sheet. Wet and muddy shoes can drain water into the sheet while the rack contains mud and dirt.
I'd love to hear other ideas!

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