Friday, April 4, 2014


Having moved so many times over the last few years, my family and I are getting the hang of this process.  As with anything, practice makes perfect, and becoming accustomed to it really helps to mitigate the stress and overwhelm.

Organ Mtns, New Mexico, just east of Las Cruces, and near our new home

Here are a couple of tips that I thought I'd share this time around:
  • Before you pack, clear and designate some space in your home to be a "staging area."  Anything that you don't need on a regular basis, and especially anything that doesn't need extra packing can go there--out of season clothes, home decorations, papers and books you won't need before your move, etc.  Not only does this make ferrying these things to the moving truck or trailer much easier, but it allows you to focus on packing other things with less overwhelm, to get a better handle on how much you actually need to move, and clear out closets and such sooner so that you are less likely to leave something behind.
  • Minimize the stuff you are moving.  This is more a way of life than a moving tip, but clutter really makes the moving process difficult, time consuming, and expensive.
  • Use containers you have on hand instead of boxes as much as possible.  All our clothes went into suitcases.  All our dishes were wrapped in towels and packed in laundry hampers.  Framed pictures can be wrapped neatly in bath towels.
  • Rather than buying an ice chest, we put food for the journey and some ice in our mini-fridge, and kept that easily accessible (along with utensils and a cutting board) in the trailer.
  • Bring with you enough food to fix a simple dinner for your first night in your new home.  A few items to make a simple lunch are also handy.  For our most recent move, I brought with us the ingredients for Idiot Tuna for our first dinner, along with saltines, fruit, and the ingredients for egg salad as a quick lunch.
  • On the road, follow big rigs if you have to take a detour.  They know where they are going and they have access to information from truckers ahead of them.
Above all, drive safely.  Accidents can happen even when no one is being a negligent driver.  We arrived at the scene of this Arizona tragedy about half an hour after it happened.  The road can be a dangerous place, especially when managing an unfamiliar vehicle or hauling a load.

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Lisa said...

Great tips! I hadn't thought about having a staging area before, but that makes a lot of sense, and would help keep things organized.

I really enjoy your blog, and nominated you for an award. If you'd like to participate, please stop by my blog. If not, that's fine too! It does take some work, but it's kind of fun.

Harper said...

Thanks, Lisa! And thank you for nominating me! I just looked it over, and it sounds like fun.

Angela Bennett said...

These are great tips, thanks for sharing at the Anything Goes Link-up!